Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Easy Solution for Babies Who Won't Drink Milk From a Cup!

My daughter was bottle-free at 14 months old, but with that came a child who would no longer drink milk because it wasn't in her beloved milk shrine. She was a terrific milk drinker from her bottle, but as soon as I got rid of it all bets were off. She absolutely refused to drink milk from a cup; no matter how much I tried she just wouldn't do it. My only saving grace was she would drink anything else from a cup. So I just needed to find away to make her milk different enough that she would think it was something other than milk. That's when the light bulb went off - strawberries, her favorite fruit!! Take a little milk, add a little fruit and "Viola" a little fruit paradise in a cup. 

As a side note, after I had my epiphany with the strawberries, I tried buying the Horizon flavored milk and tested it out myself before giving it to Ellery. It was so sugary that I decided I was going to need to make this myself, and it's super easy. All you need is organic milk, organic strawberries (or your child's favorite fruit), and a blender:

1 c. Strawberries
1/2 c. Milk
Blend and serve

The goal is to use less and less strawberries over time. For my daughter it took two months before she would drink regular white milk at dinner from a cup without any strawberries.

Good luck, it does work!!


  1. Babies are like that, sometimes you just have to find an alternate way of doing something and then let them get used to it.

  2. Great are so funny.....following from MBC...come for a visit when u get a chance. Im all about organic food and kid friendly