Friday, August 19, 2011

Organic Snap Baby Bibs - Teething at Two Months, Really?

Could this be right? Could my daughter really be teething at two months old? I had no idea and my doctor poo-poo'ed me a little bit so I was just going with my gut on this one. But, sure enough I was right; even inexperienced moms have a clue sometimes, LOL! But seriously, I had never seen a child drool so much. It was like a pipe burst under the sink and the plumber couldn't get it turned off. OK, I know that sounds extreme, but believe me when I say that is the God honest truth. Ellery is a drooler and it hasn't stopped yet.

To step back, I am a little slow on getting my posts up on my journey. My Ellery is a year old, but I am hopeful I can get my fingers and brain working fast enough to bring this blog up to speed very quickly.

Back the drooling machine. What I soon found out was Ellery was plowing through a typical terry cloth bibs in a hour or two during her peak teething days. There were some days when I would get my bag back from daycare with 4-5-6 bibs soaked completely through. I didn't really find any bibs at the big stores (target, babies r us) or boutiques that was absorbant enough for this little girl. She gets this from me. When I was a teenager and at the orthodontist one day, the hygienists said, are you a bad kid? I said "No I dont' think so", though my mom would beg a differ, I am sure. I proceeded to ask her why and she said you have so much saliva and from what I have seen a lot of saliva means bad kids. WHAT? Who says that?

Anyways, I actually started sewing my own bibs that were cute, fun, bold, absorbant and ORGANIC. And recently, I have taken the bibs commercial; which is super exciting. I left my job in June to make a career out of this. Wish me luck!! But seriously if you have a drooler and want a bib that is organic, absorbent, and made from designer fabric, I ask that you just check it out : I swear this will be my only plug for my bibs. And trust me, I have other brands of bibs too, especially for eating. Don't get me wrong Ellery wears her drool bibs to eat sometimes, and they wash up great, but Green Sprouts has a GREAT plastic bib that washes right off. Highly recommend those as well. My only advice living through this is make sure the bibs are snap bibs - otherwise the baby will just rip them off.

So the moral is, yes your baby can cut teeth super early, and your precious girl can be the biggest spitter you have seen. And make sure you find a bib that really works and remember there are options to get GREEN/ ORGANIC bibs for your drooly chewy baby!

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